Cherry Irrigation Namibia specialises in all types of irrigation, automation and fertigation systems for open-field or undercover farming and horticulture. We believe that the most appropriate and sustainable solutions are those that are designed with the specific circumstances and requirements of the client in mind. We provide innovative solutions.

Our retail shop in Windhoek stocks all irrigation-related supplies,
from centre pivots, drip kits and sprinklers to pumps, pipes and water tanks.

We design, set up and maintain irrigation systems for various crops, from small systems for single household food security applications to field irrigation systems with sprinklers and centre pivots for cash crops.

Why choose us

We are experts and we have experience

We have more than 35 years’ experience in the irrigation industry and a full team of specialists who know the intimate details involved in every stage of the process.

We offer guaranteed quality

As a SABI company member with several SABI-approved designers, we combine quality designs with quality equipment to ensure the best possible design solutions. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We have a sustainability mindset

Our designs minimise the impact on the environment and include harvesting rainwater and treating and recycling run-off water. When we save water, we also save energy.

We believe in training

We believe in continuously improving our skills with inhouse and external training of staff members.

We offer exceptional customer service

We pride ourselves on forging strong and lasting relationships with all our clients. Our meticulous sales and aftercare services build trust and demonstrate our commitment.

We provide agricultural irrigation solutions and services

Our company profile contains detailed information ─ we invite you to read more there:


We deliver agricultural irrigation solutions and services of high quality with unparalleled efficiency. Our collaborative process and learning mindset help us to produce sustainable and technologically innovative work.


We want to be the leader in innovative, efficient and sustainable irrigation solutions for the agricultural industry.


We provide our clients with high quality agricultural irrigation solutions and services as quickly and effectively as possible. We work together as a team and collaborate with our clients. We keep on learning to develop our skills and adapt to changes in the industry. Our work shows that we have respect for others and the environment.



We value the contribution of each team member and are dedicated to a culture of collaboration.​


We strive to keep on learning, creatively adapt to changes and develop our skills.


We are eager to consistently provide exceptional service.


We have consideration for others and the environment.​