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Cherry Irrigation Namibia offers smart, effective irrigation solutions and strategies for local farmers

In 2019, Cherry Irrigation opened an operations base in Windhoek, headed up by Namibian-born Willem Mostert. While our company has been involved in assisting local growers and agriculturalists for many years, up until that point we had worked on...

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We are growing places: Our mandate to help African agriculturalists thrive

It’s been a watershed year for Cherry Irrigation, in every sense. We opened operating bases in both Namibia and Angola and have plans underway to assist local producers in these two countries…

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How customised irrigation systems add value and improve crop yields

“Every irrigation or fertigation system needs to be designed for a set of specific circumstances – there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution,” says Cherry Irrigation director Charles Cherry.

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Cherry Irrigation Angola opens doors in Quibala and makes (news) waves

Angolan Independence Day, 11 November, saw Quibala in the Kuanza Sul province in a flurry of activity this year. The townsfolk were expecting a very important visitor, namely the country’s vice president, Bornito de Sousa.

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At the forefront of SA’s blueberry boom as irrigation consultant and specialist

The South African blueberry industry is one of the fastest growing horticultural industries in the country. This niche sector has the potential to create many economic opportunities for farmers and exporters alike, as well as others in the...

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Cherry Irrigation embraces future of farming with NetBeat™ computer

One of the principles that govern how we do business at Cherry Irrigation is a mandate we have set ourselves to continually seek out and embrace technological advances in agriculture.

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