We’re all about quality and performance. 

At Cherry Irrigation we deliver high-quality irrigation, automation and fertigation solutions, services and products. And we do so efficiently and effectively. We are driven by collaboration and a learning mindset to deliver sustainable and innovative work. We have offices in the Western Cape and Namibia and work all over Southern Africa.

Our specialist team consists of individuals with a strong background in civil, mechanical, electrical and agricultural engineering, agronomy, hydrology, irrigation design and automation. We also have support staff that help us run things smoothly with skills in HR, finance, management, and sales.

Our success is built on skills, attitude, and values.

Our team members:

If you think you have skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to the Cherry team, please send us your CV with a short motivational letter. We are always looking for new talent and what you have to offer may just be what we are looking for. Please note, however, that this invitation does not constitute an offer of employment, and company recruitment processes will apply for any new appointment being considered.