Centre pivots

Advanced centre pivot technology

Agrico centre pivots are the result of continuous research and development spanning more than three decades. They have a low cost per hectare relative to other precision irrigation systems and low labour requirement, accommodate different kinds of crops and provide energy-efficient and uniform water application.

Key features of the centre pivots

Robust and durable lifespan

  • Galvanised pipes have a coating of at least a 100-microns-thick layer of zinc
  • The electrical control system is 100% rust-free
  • Leg assemblies on standard height machines are one-piece factory-welded and reinforced in high-stress areas

Less maintenance and lower cost

  • High bows accommodate span lengths that cover areas between 67 and 70 metres
  • An autoflush valve eliminates dirt from pipes every time the pump starts to avoid clogged nozzles
  • An electrical control voltage of 230 V decreases resistive losses

Different tower and control panel options

  • Towers can be set up for low, standard or high clearance
  • For areas that are exposed to a lot of wind, there is a windsaver option with a wider wheelbase
  • Electro-mechanic panels with web control software control multiple pumps, pump speeds and pressure

Suited for low-energy precise application (LEPA) of sprinklers

  • LEPA places sprinklers closer to the ground
  • Water placed at the root zone reduces evaporation
  • LEPA sprinklers save energy because they operate at low pressure

Third-generation centre pivot: G3

The Agrico G3 covers areas from two to 200 hectares. The strong and sturdy structures come in three-legged or sloping pipe centre designs with fixed or towable versions. The components are made of high-quality steel, with pipes and rods boasting a yield strength of 355 MPa and an ultimate tensile strength of 450 MPa.

The centre pivot has a high bow, which accommodates longer span lengths (up to 67 metres). The span design incorporates dedicated tower- and pivot-end pipes, reinforced critical points and optimal pipe size.

Fourth-generation centre pivot: G4

The Agrico G4 is a theft-resistant version that hides cables, electrical and drive train components. The narrow wheel track and closely mounted wheels are designed for less crop damage and maximum yields. The redesigned compact centre and span structure allow for span lengths of up to 70 metres, while new features such as corrosion-free rubber-on-plastic seals and metal-on-metal contact between flanges decrease maintenance and limit UV damage.

There are two options for nozzle spacing:

  • 2,5 m spacing for uniform watering with low-maintenance static sprinklers
  • 5 m spacing for modern dynamic sprinklers

State-of-the-art remote irrigation control

The Agrico web control system is the ultimate solution to fully manage and optimise an irrigation system via an app or an internet-enabled device.

Clients can monitor the flow and pressure, position and environmental information in real time from anywhere in the world. It is easy to set up and can be programmed to react to triggers such as position, time and power state. Automated notifications keep cients informed about irregularities and a detailed log of all user inputs as well as status and sensor changes is kept. Firmware is updated regularly as soon as new features become available.

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