When you work in the agri-irrigation sector as we do, it makes sense to grow our business in the same way that we help our clients grow their crops. What does this mean in practice?

It means that we constantly analyse the field, paying close attention to the data and information we collect. We keep our eye on innovations and forecasts that will potentially have either a positive or negative impact on our sector. And perhaps most importantly, we constantly maintain and monitor lands and soils, topographies, climates and relationships– not only to succeed, but to flourish. Business relationships, after all, need to be fed and watered just as plants do.

Our business’s success, our “Cherry tree”, has been cultivated on a combination of three things – the right skills, values and attitude. Our commitment to quality, efficiency and transparency lie at the roots of how we do business.


The right skills

We operate in an industry that requires very specific technical skills, expertise and experience. That’s why our team consists of individuals with a strong background in civil and mechanical engineering, agriculture, hydrology, irrigation design and automation. Our support staff complement these technicians and designers by offering skills in HR, finance, management and sales.

The Cherry Irrigation tree has strong, well established roots and far-reaching branches that have spread from South Africa’s Western Cape to the rest of the country and into Namibia and Angola. Our team is active across Southern Africa, thanks to this wide-ranging skill set.


The right values

The Cherry Irrigation team values excellence – in service, equipment and knowledge. We take responsibility for our work and are committed to providing technical assistance to our clients that is efficient and effective, both in terms of cost and logistics. We listen carefully to clients’ needs and work to find the best water and energy-efficient solutions within the scope of requirements.

We value and respect the environment. Our sustainability mindset is part of the reason we are so committed to staying abreast of trends in agri-tech solutions that will help ensure that our planet’s soils and ecosystems are preserved for future generations.

Our mandate is to maximise yields and minimise water usage and energy consumption for every unique situation. We value and respect our clients and go to great effort to communicate clearly with them and offer constant support and advice, as they require it. We are always willing to go the extra mile, and will continue to do so as our footprint spreads across miles of new African terrain.


The right attitude

We are driven by collaboration and a learning mindset to deliver sustainable and innovative work. We are a can-do company. We make things work based on budget and goals. We are innovators and problem-solvers. We partner with our clients for long-term success. We are reliable, consistent, straightforward and, above all, dedicated – to the collective success of our business and those of our clients.

We keep watering, in just the right amounts. We feed, in just the right amounts. We work with a rhythm of natural, organic growth that will stand the test of time. And when you water and feed like this, there is life and growth that builds orchards and fruits for all to feast on, together.