Bluelab Replacement Conductivity Shroud


The shroud is very important for the accuracy of the reading from the conductivity should always be replaced after cleaning.

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Replacement shroud Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature Probes Meters.

The ‘Shroud’ (found at the probe) is very important for the accuracy and protection of the meter.

The shroud carries out three crucial functions:

  • Protects the probe tip from damage
  • Slows the movement of the solution to get a more accurate reading
  • The slots allow an even flow of solution to pass through to avoid air bubbles on the probe surface

The shroud is removed prior to the cleaning process.

Helpful tips

  • Place your hand over the shroud for 30 seconds to help warm the plastic then gently pull away from the Truncheon body.
  • ALWAYS replace after you have cleaned the probe face.