Related equipment and services

Our related equipment and services are carefully chosen to complement our core irrigation business. We only add these value-added services if they benefit our clients.


We supply practical training on all the products we supply.

System Evaluation

We can assess the performance of your irrigation system and make recommendations for improvement.

Energy audits

Our energy audits help clients uncover inefficient energy use in their irrigation systems – this typically includes energy use of pumps, mainlines and infield systems. We make recommendations about cost-effective alternatives.

Solar solutions

We work closely with major players in the alternative energy market to supply solar power solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us with your water- or energy-related requirements.

Climate control systems

We design, install and maintain climate control systems in greenhouses.

Irrigation scheduling tools

We supply and install soil moisture probes, weather stations and other sensors, to monitor growing conditions

Supply and installation

In addition to our core irrigation products, we supply and install the following:

Water-saving measures

We can assist you with:


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